Camping in a Lodge Tent in Tuscany

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The perfect mix of camping, convenience, attention to detail and fashion, our Lodge Tents will leave you speechless. Harmoniously set in the natural surroundings, all types of our famous lodge tents offer all the latest features without sacrificing the atmosphere of life on the campsite. These stunning tents are raised off the ground and built on a solid wooden structure with 2 layers of canvas, providing insulation from the summer heat and the colder temperatures off-season. Designed to accommodate 2-5 people, the Lodge Tents are perfect both for young couples and families with children, for an unforgettable seaside holiday in the province of Livorno, Tuscany. Inside, guests will find not only gorgeous furniture and attention to detail, but also all the comforts of luxury accommodation: a fully-equipped kitchen, fridge, crockery and utensils, a full bathroom with shower and a comfortable terrace for enjoying breakfast or dinner in close contact with nature.

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